This is one of my attempts to write.stories with cliffhanger.

The outrageous yellow of the sodium vapor lamps that served as street lights filled the street as far as possible. It was one of those nights of inclement weather when the winds would turn into gales, several trees would be uprooted and the streets would be flooded. Cars would speed by, their wipers in full swing.  Anything about ten metres away was not visible, but that didn’t dampen the car drivers’ alacrity to reach their destinations or enjoy in the comforts of their homes.

She stood there, next to one of those street lamps, alone, and in the mercy of the heavy rain – like a ghost staring at the vehicles passing by, but immersed in her thoughts. She wore a soggy grey overcoat. She was drenched from head to toe, though that didn’t bother her.

A lightning struck somewhere and her visage became clear. She stood there silently, not an expression on her face, droplets of water running down her cheeks. She could have been crying, one could never know. A speeding car splashed a puddle of water over her – she stood there unaffected. The car stopped immediately and reversed towards her. The driver opened the window to give a hurried apology, but looked at her scarred face. He fumbled to accelerate the car, finally found his leg over the accelerator and sped away.

She turned to look at the pile below the banyan tree. She walked towards it and opened the shawl covering him. She placed a letter on his puny chest, bent down and whispered to him, “One day, I’ll come back to you. ” She walked back towards the street light she stood besides before. She turned back and looked at him for one last time and walked back to the car in the opposite corner.

“I can see the wretched thing! Anyone can find it.” The man in the driver’s seat grumbled.

“He is your son! And I want him to be found. ” She replied in a wan tone. Someday, I will meet my son again.

The car sped away into the dark night…..


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